1.Comparison of TNF-α Levels between Lingual & Labial Intrusion

Zaid B. AL-Dewachi

PAGE NO : 1-6

2.The Effect of Dried Plum on Orthodontic MicroImplant Stability: An experimental study

Zaid Salim Twafeeq, Dr. Mustafa MuathHamed Al-Sultan

PAGE NO : 7-12

3.Analysis and Study Feasibility of the Photovoltage System for the Some Iraqi Governors by Using Homer

Faris Mohammed Ali, Bashar J. Hamza

PAGE NO : 13-24

4.The Role of Petri Nets in Generating the Logical Circuits

Huda Dheyauldeen Najeeb

PAGE NO : 25-33

5.Optimization of Two Way Helical Abrasive Flow Machining using Taguchi Method

Naveen Antil, Amit Sharma

PAGE NO : 34-42

6.Research Paper on Effect of Different Chemicals on the Compaction and Unconfined Strength of Fly Ash Lime Mix

Deepak, Anurag Rathee, Monika

PAGE NO : 43-47

7.Comprehensive Review on Road Safety Assessment of Kaithal-Kurukshetra Road in Haryana

Hitesh Kumar, Monika

PAGE NO : 48-51

8.Digital India: Impact and Barriers

Monika Anand, Pooja Nagpal

PAGE NO : 52-54