1.Comprehensive Review on Road Safety Assessment of Kaithal-Kurukshetra Road in Haryana.

Hitesh Kumar, Monika

PAGE NO : 1-4


2.The Effect of Chitosan Extracted From Iraqi Freshwater Crab and Marine Shrimp on Bone Healing (Experimental Study on Sheep)

Hani M. Khlaif, Mohammed K. Hasouni

PAGE NO : 5-18


3.Biochemical Assessment of Olive Oil Consumption During Orthodontic Retention Period

Afrah K. Al Hamdany, Dr. Ali R. Al-Khatib

PAGE NO : 19-29


4.Study of Correction of Power Factor by Single Inductor Three-Level Bridgeless Boost Converter

Ajay Kumar, Sandeep Goyal

PAGE NO : 30-37


5.Review on investigation on bituminous mixes using various additives

Aman Attri, V. K. Ahuja

PAGE NO : 38-42

6.The impact of frequency variation on the efficiency of a PVC-based thermoacoustic refrigerator operating at 8 bar pressure with helium as the working fluid across various parallel plate stock configurations

Shivakumara N V,Mamatha A,Bheemsha Arya

PAGE NO : 1-10