1.Experimental Study of Brake System in Light Vehicles

Timur Choban Khidir, Abbas Mohammed Ismael

PAGE NO : 1-2

2.xperimental Investigation of Concrete Using Waste Tyre Rubber as Aggregates

Kulwinder Srowa, Vikram Dhillon

PAGE NO : 3-8

3.Eco-Friendly and Effective Ways of Removal of Heavy Metals using Immobilized Cells

Dr. Rohini P Patil, Mridula G Nair,Sapna Pandey

PAGE NO : 9-13

4.The Impact of the Pragmatic Approach on Teaching Conversation at University Level

Waad A. Saleh Al-Hadidi, Dr. Esam A.Abd-Al-Raheem

PAGE NO : 14-21

5.Isolation of Microbes from Marine Water and Screening for Potent Microbefor Dye Degradation by Immobilization

Mukesh R. Pimpliskar, Khan Safa, Ansari Qunut, Shaikh Anam

PAGE NO : 22-33

6.Field Assisted Electron Emission for Electrical Propulsion of Nano Satellites

Nirupama M.P,Ashok Bhattacharya, B.S. Satyanarayana

PAGE NO : 34-40

7.Face Authentication Based on SIFT Features

Shunsuke Inaba, Atsushi Koike, Naoya Wada, Hitomi Murakami

PAGE NO : 41-48