1.Impact of Parenting Style, Peer Pressure and Emotional Maturity on Scholastic Achievement of Professional College Students

Jakka Pradeep

PAGE NO : 1-5

2.A study of The Relationship between Mindful Self-Care and Subjective Well-Being among College Students and Working Professionals

Sneha Chatterjee, Dr. Jaya Jethwani

PAGE NO : 6-14

3.Impact on Mental Health during Covid Times – A Review

Dr. M. Anuradha, Durga Yadav

PAGE NO : 15-17

4.Anxiety, Depression and Stress Among College Students During COVID 19 lockdown

Milli Baby, Swapnil Chauragade

PAGE NO : 18-21

5.The Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation on with Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder: A Single Case Study

Anuradha. S, Durga Yadav

PAGE NO : 22-25