1.Review Paper on Performance Evaluation & Capacity Estimation for Selected Undisciplined Intersections in Gurgaon City

Neelam, Nirmal Dhir

PAGE NO : 1-9

2.Comparison of TNF-α Levels between Lingual & Labial Intrusion.

Zaid B. AL-Dewachi

PAGE NO : 10-15

3.The Effect of Dried Plum on Orthodontic MicroImplant Stability: An experimental study

Zaid Salim Twafeeq, Dr. Mustafa MuathHamed Al-Sultan

PAGE NO : 16-21

4.Optimization of Two Way Helical Abrasive Flow Machining using Taguchi Method

Naveen Antil, Amit Sharma

PAGE NO : 22-30

5.Internet of Things: Architecture, Applications and Future Challenges

Vipin Kumar Rathi, Sahil Pathak, Ankur

PAGE NO : 31-35