1.Experimental Study on Generation Scheduling using Genetic Algorithm, PSO and Improved PSO technique

Renu Janagal, Dr. Naresh Kumar

PAGE NO : 1-6

2.Real time open system interconnection standard for data communication

Ali Ayid Ahmad

PAGE NO : 7-12

3.Optimization of k -Nearest Neighbour classifier for dealing with secure encrypted rational data

Ali Abbas Younis Al-Arbo, Dr. Shadi Alshehabi

PAGE NO : 13-22

4.Literature Survey and detection of Road Safety Aspects on National Highways in India

Pankaj Dahiya

PAGE NO : 23-28

5.Estimation Original Oil in Place (OOIP) In the Selected Well From Small Giant Bai Hassan Oilfield/ Northern Iraq Case Study

Fawzi Al-Beyati, Muhammed Ismail, Gasham Zeynalov

PAGE NO : 29-37

6.To Analyze the MIMO Channel Capacity

Preetika Yadav

PAGE NO : 38-43

7.Game Based On Augmented Reality

Shivam Limaye, Tejas Deshpande, Vijay Iyer, Professor Bushra Shaikh

PAGE NO : 44-48