1.Parking Sites Analysis of selected places in Rohtak district

Pankaj Dahiya, Ajit Singh

PAGE NO : 1-7

2.Raise Gasoline Efficiency by Operation Reforming Process

Ali Hasan Abdulla

PAGE NO : 8-10

3.A Comprehensive Review on Highways Security in India and their Analysis

Paramjeet Singh,Dr. V. K. Ahuja

PAGE NO : 11-16

4.Digital Image Processing Using Convolution Algorithm

Mahesh Kumar, Deepika

PAGE NO : 17-27

5.A Fault Processed Genetic Approach for Test Path Optimization


PAGE NO : 28-32

6.A Multi-Agent Probabilistic Method for Route Optimization against Cooperative Blackhole Attack

Jyoti Chauhan, Sahil Gupta

PAGE NO : 33-38

7.Thrust Area: Bioremediation Optimisation of Factors Affecting Biodegradation of Hexavalent Chromium by Arthrobacter, Isolated From Soil and Sewage Samples

Sandhya. R. Mulchandani, Saraswati.N.Patel

PAGE NO : 39-45

8.The Capability of Soil Enzymes (Bio Stimulants) in Sustainable Crop Production

Shweta V.Humbarwadi, Anupama Hatey, Sudha Chaudhary

PAGE NO : 46-51