1.Efficacy of Fartlek Training on selected Physical and Psychological Variables Among the RSA Academic Respondents in Trichy

Dr.Arulmozhi Saravanan

PAGE NO : 1-4

2.Adapting Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness for a child with Conduct Disorder: A Case Study

Dr Ashna Gupta

PAGE NO : 5-11

3.Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation: A Systematic Review

Randeep Rajkumar. D , Dr. T. Jothimani

PAGE NO : 12-19

4.Leadership Style and its Relation to Polychronicity and State Trait Anger Expression among College Students

Dharshinee S. K ,Shanmathi S. A, Palanichamy Thamilselvan, D. Sai Balasubramanian

PAGE NO : 20-27

5.Counselling and Teaching: A Prospect

Dr. Swarnabharati

PAGE NO : 28-31

6.Development of Metacognitive Strategic Programme for Secondary School Students

Livia P.V., Dr.Neha Deo

PAGE NO : 32-35