1.An Overview of Using Animals in Laboratory: Review

Joel Mathew Jose, Amartya Ramchander

PAGE NO : 1-4

2.Facebook Usage and Cultural Impact on: A comparative study of college students in Pune and Mumbai

Ankita Ashish Malpani

PAGE NO : 5-10

3.Self-Compassion and Grit Among Young Adults

Vijayashree R, Ayesha Arif Zinna

PAGE NO : 11-17

4.Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Locus of Control Among Adolescents

Dr Aniljose P S, Reshma Jude

PAGE NO : 18-25

5.Emotional Maturity and Adjustment of Females in Romantic Relationship: A Comparative Study

Sruthikeerthy R., Ria Mary Jojo

PAGE NO : 26-30

6.Psychological and Physiological Effect in Plant Growth and Health by using Positive and Negative Words

Deepika Choube, Shubham sharma

PAGE NO : 31-34