1.Anger Issues: Comparison of Anger Level on the Population of Urban and Rural Areas

Akansha Bisht, Shubham Sharma

PAGE NO : 1-4

2.Perseverative Thinking and Mindfulness Among Young Adults

Ozaira Bee Asha I, Ayesha Arif Zinna

PAGE NO : 5-10

3.Parents having Intellectually Disabled Children: A Systematic review of Quality of Life and Mental wellbeing

Abdul Hameed P.V

PAGE NO : 11-16

4.Role of Emotional Intelligence on Aggression among College students

Abdul Jaleel Kuzhiyengal Mambra

PAGE NO : 17-21

5.Management of Stress and Anxiety Among Institutionalized Elderly

Jerus Albert Britto, Dr.B. Selvaraj, Dr.G. Ramanathan, Ms.Preethi V V

PAGE NO : 22-25

6.Mental Health of Rural Women during COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Jayashree Mishra

PAGE NO : 26-28