1.Review on investigation on bituminous mixes using various additives

Aman Attri, V. K. Ahuja

PAGE NO : 1-5

2.Simulation study of time evolution Stochastic Bass model

Vipin Kumar Rathi, Surender Kumar Verma

PAGE NO : 6-8

3.Comparative Analysis of Open source operating systems for OpenStack cloud platform

Vipin Kumar Rathi, Sahil Pathak, Ankur

PAGE NO : 9-12

4.Internet of Things: Architecture, Applications and Future Challenges

Vipin Kumar Rathi, Sahil Pathak, Ankur

PAGE NO : 13-17

5.A Multi-Agent Probabilistic Method for Route Optimization against Cooperative Blackhole Attack

Jyoti Chauhan, Sahil Gupta

PAGE NO : 18-23

6.Impact of Mutation on Metal Resistance in Pseudomonas Spp

Ranjana G Khade

PAGE NO : 24-27

7.Thrust Area: Bioremediation Optimisation of Factors Affecting Biodegradation of Hexavalent Chromium by Arthrobacter, Isolated From Soil and Sewage Samples

Sandhya. R. Mulchandani, Saraswati.N.Patel

PAGE NO : 28-34

8.Assessment of Biological Embodiment by Foldscope

Rushna Rais Ahmad Ansari

PAGE NO : 35-36