1.Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antibacterial activity, Phenol and Proline content of Terminalia catappa

Nirmalkar Vaishali, Momin Naziya, Ansari Heena, Shaikh Shahnawaz

PAGE NO : 1-9

2.A Study on Different Fault Vectors to analyze the Instability over PV Control System

Shaila Siwach

PAGE NO : 10-14

3.Secure Data Storage and Virtualization At Cloud Data Center

Priya Rathore, Mahesh Kumar

PAGE NO : 15-20

4.Optimized T-S Fuzzy Controller for Tracking the Maximum Power Point of Photovoltaic Systems

Mustapha. Kourchi, Mohamed. Ajaamoum, Azeddine. Rachdy

PAGE NO : 21-29

5.Digital Image Processing Using Convolution Algorithm

Mahesh Kumar,Deepika

PAGE NO : 30-40

6.Measurements and Estimation of Monthly Solar Irradiance on a Horizontal Surface in the city of Agadir

Bouachrine Brahim, Kourchi Mustafa, Ajaamoum Mohamed

PAGE NO : 41-45

7.Static Structural and Steady State Thermal Analysis of Piston Using ANSYS

Raghuveer Singh, Bharat Bhushan

PAGE NO : 46-53

8.Performance Evaluation of Convolution Encoder and Viterbi Decoder in Terms of Gap and Coding Gain Capicity for 1/N Code Rate Using Matlab

Parveen Sharma, Kajal

PAGE NO : 54-60