1.Evaluation of Phytochemical, Antioxidant Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Activity of Phoenix dactylifera

Arhama Tufail Ahd Ansari , Dr. Mukesh Pimpliskar

PAGE NO : 1-8

2.3D Permeability Distribution Modeling from Porosity Wire Line Logs and Irreducible water saturation graph a Case Study on small giant Bai
Hassan Oil Field-Northern Iraq

Fawzi Al-Beyati, Muhammed A. Ismail, Gasham Zeynalov

PAGE NO : 9-18

3.Evaluation of Toxicity of Bleaching Agents on Tilapia Fish

Fatema Zohra Momin ,Nandita Singh

PAGE NO : 19-23

4.Assessment of Microbial Load and Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Contamination on the Train Handles of Western Railways in Mumbai

Joel Rodrigues, Luvita Thommana, Ravi Subrahmanyeswari, Roshni Putta

PAGE NO : 24-30

5.Nutritional Quality of Fruits during Pandemic Covid-19

Kamran Abbas Mirza ,Mahvesh Shaikh

PAGE NO : 31-33

6.Impact of Mutation on Metal Resistance in Pseudomonas Spp

Ranjana G Khade

PAGE NO : 34-37

7.Space Industry and COVID-19: An Insight into Their Shared Relation

Sibsankar Palit,Subhajit Hazra,Ripudaman M Singh

PAGE NO : 38-43