1.Extraction of Chitosan from Shrimp Shell Waste and its Application in Waste Water Purification

Akshay Anumanla, Areeba Ansari, Malika Ahuja

PAGE NO : 1-7

2.Folklore Usage of Meswak (Salvadora Persica L.) in Oral Care: A Review

Asba Ansari, Kamran Abbas Mirza,Moses Kolet

PAGE NO : 8-11

3.Evaluation of Toxicity of Bleaching Agents on Tilapia Fish

Fatema Zohra Momin ,Nandita Singh

PAGE NO : 12-16

4.Assessment of Microbial Load and Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Contamination on the Train Handles of Western Railways in Mumbai

Joel Rodrigues, Luvita Thommana, Ravi Subrahmanyeswari, Roshni Putta

PAGE NO : 17-23

5.Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antibacterial activity, Phenol and Proline content of Terminalia catappa

Nirmalkar Vaishali, Momin Naziya, Ansari Heena, Shaikh Shahnawaz

PAGE NO : 24-32

6.Measurements and Estimation of Monthly Solar Irradiance on a Horizontal Surface in the city of Agadir

Bouachrine Brahim, Kourchi Mustafa, Ajaamoum Mohamed, Bouhouch Lahoussine

PAGE NO : 33-37

7.Assessment of Biological Embodiment by Foldscope

Rushna Rais Ahmad Ansari

PAGE NO : 38-39