1.Extraction of Chitosan from Shrimp Shell Waste and its Application in Waste Water Purification

Akshay Anumanla, Areeba Ansari, Malika Ahuja

PAGE NO : 1-7

2.Evaluation of Phytochemical, Antioxidant Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Activity of Phoenix dactylifera

Arhama Tufail Ahd Ansari , Dr. Mukesh Pimpliskar

PAGE NO : 8-15

3.Folklore Usage of Meswak (Salvadora Persica L.) in Oral Care: A Review

Asba Ansari, Kamran Abbas Mirza ,Moses Kolet

PAGE NO : 16-19

4.Experimental Study on Single Area Unit Commitment Problem using hybrid optimization

Rajni, Kajal

PAGE NO : 20-24

5.Parking Sites Analysis of selected places in Rohtak district

Pankaj Dahiya, Ajit Singh

PAGE NO : 25-31

6.Literature Study on Implementation of Hydrocarbon Emulsion in Gravel Road

Ramit, Aman Bathla, Jyoti Narwal

PAGE NO : 32-37

7.Synthesis and Structural Studies on some Transition Metal Complexes of Bis-(benzthiazole-2-thio) Ethane, Pyridine and Bis-(benzoxazole-2-thio) Ethane Ligands

Mohammed J. Mohammed, Samaa A. Raouf

PAGE NO : 38-46

8.Review Paper on Performance Evaluation & Capacity Estimation for Selected Undisciplined Intersections in Gurgaon City

Neelam, Nirmal Dhir

PAGE NO : 47-55

9.Raise Gasoline Efficiency by Operation Reforming Process

Ali Hasan Abdulla

PAGE NO : 56-58